Paediatric procedural sedation

This one-day course offers a systematic and uniform approach to procedural sedation and analgesia in children using the methodology offered in the PS&A course for adults which is part of the Dutch Emergency Medicine training program. The goal is to offer medical practice, in concordance with the Dutch national guideline and requirements of the Dutch Health Authority, for Emergency Physicians and residents (registrars) who have completed the PS&A course for adults and the APLS course. The day is comprised of lectures and workshops. It will be offered in Dutch.

Time 08.00 - 17.40 hour
Room 536
Faculty Yannick Groutars, Maarten Kok, Mischa Veen, Bart van der Weerd
Costs € 130,00
Max. participants 20
Registration Please select this pre-course when registering for the conference. Registration form