Thursday June 8


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8.00 Registration
8.45 Opening speech
Ties Eikendal
9.00 Keynote: Making the invisible visible, Do you WANT to see?
Lonneke Buijteweg
Maaike Brunekreef
10.00 Coffee break & visit exhibits


Zaal 522







10.30 AIOS enquete 2017; de opleiding langs de meetlat
Luuk Wansink
Marna Bouwhuis
10.30 E-health nazorg na SEH
Bas de Groot
10.30 Keynote: STEMIs - Complicated, Subtle and Almost Invisible!
Jerry Jones
11.05 Abstracts 11.05 Patient experiences with waiting on the Emergency Department
Minke Twijnstra
11.00 Optimizing care for acutely presenting older patients – the APOP study
Jacinta Lucke
11.40 Ten tips for combining research and residency
Jacinta Lucke
11.40 Quality of care in the Netherlands: your results!
Nikkie Kolfschoten
11.20 Sepsis evolution: where we came from
Britt van der Kolk
Klaartje Caminada
12.15 Abstracts 12.15 Slikken of Spuiten. Behandeling onder dwang op de SEH (dutch spoken)
Marlies Morsink
11.40 Sepsis 3.0: what all the fuss is about
Britt van der Kolk
Klaartje Caminada
        12.00 Ketamine for acute behavioural disturbance in the ED
Andy Neill
        12.20 Sedation without fixation, nitrous oxide in the ER
Naomi Petersen
12.50 Lunch
13.50 Abstracts 13.50 Tuchtrecht vanuit juridisch oogpunt (dutch spoken)
Anneloes Rube
13.50 Trauma mechanism in blast injuries
Edward Tan
14.25 New frontiers for ACS diagnosis
Rick Body
14.35 Caring for our own: the Need for Peer Support
Gabor Linthorst
14.10 Township Terror. Surviving Saturday night shift in a murder capital
Eveline Baerends
15.00 Abstracts     14.30 Stop the bleeding
Edward Tan
15.20 Coffee break & visit exhibits     14.50 Teaching revolution! Simulation with good judgment
Pieter Noe
15.45 Keynote: Over waarom je niet gelukkig kunt worden van je werk (dutch spoken)
Menno de Bree
    15.10 The need for N.E.E.D.
Bas de Groot
16.30 General Assembly (17.30h)
18.00 BBQ & Beachparty