Jerry Jones

Jerry W. Jones, MD FACEP is a diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine who has practiced internal medicine and emergency medicine for over 35 years. He graduated from the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio and remained for an internal medicine residency there. Dr. Jones has been on the teaching faculties of the University of Oklahoma and The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. He is a published author who has also been featured in the New York Times and the Annals of Emergency Medicine for his work in the developing field of telemedicine. In addition, Dr. Jones is also a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and a member of the European Society of Emergency Medicine, the Texas College of Emergency Physicians and the Cardiac Electrophysiology Society.

Dr. Jones is the founder of Medicus of Houston and principal instructor for the Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp and the Advanced Dysrhythmia Boot Camp.


Lonneke Buijteweg en Maaike Brunekreef

Lonneke and Maaike are members of their hospital task force Child abuse, neglect, domestic violence and elderly abuse. Together they strive to motivate people to think outside of the box and challenge health care workers to see the invisible. Past January they stood in front an international audience at the International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment in San Diego with this talk. They’ll inspire you with the life story of Jeroen, a boy who has suffered both physical and emotional abuse and neglect but was able to rise above. They will share with you a short inspirational film about overcoming this abuse, and through personal cases, they will guide you through 3 steps which they believe help to see layers underneath and make the invisible visible.


Menno de Bree

Menno de Bree (1974) studeerde filosofie en begon zijn carrière bij Heineken en Nyenrode. Sinds 2003 doceert hij filosofie en ethiek aan het UMC Groningen. Daarnaast is hij een veelgevraagd spreker en verzorgt hij vanuit zijn bedrijf Menno Denkt filosofie-cursussen voor professionals (o.a. Brainfeed, The School of Life). De Bree verzorgt elke zaterdag een column in het Financieele Dagblad.