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De volgende Dutch North Sea Emergency Medicine Conference zal plaatsvinden op 30/31 mei en 1 juni 2018.

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Combined toxicology workshop

Combined toxicology workshop:

  • Antidotes in toxicology - Anecdote or evidence-based use? (Andis Graudins)
  • 'Toxic seizures in the ED' and 'Tox-EKG: drug-induced arrhythmias' (Naren Gunja)

Combined toxicology workshop by Andis Graudins and Naren Gunja both providing a 45 minute workshop in separate rooms. After each workshop the participants will switch between these rooms.

Antidotes in toxicology - Evidence and anecdote
There are a number of antidotal agents recommended as so-called ‘magic bullets’ in the treatment of specific poisonings and intoxications
While some of these are used often and have a relatively high level of evidence supportive their effectiveness, there are a number of antidotal agents recommended in specific poisoning scenarios where the effectiveness  and indications are not well defined.

This workshops aims to discuss some of the more commonly recommended antidotal agents used in acute intoxication and their effectiveness and evidence behind their use. This will include acetylcysteine and tailored regimens for various paracetamol overdose types, high-dose insulin therapy and glucagon in beta-blocker and calcium channel blocker overdose, lipid rescue therapy, treatment of vasodilatory shock, treatment of hypoglycaemic poisoning, and other significant intoxication scenarios.

Trippin’ and Fittin’: drug-induced seizures

  • how do drugs cause seizures? mechanisms and toxicodynamics explored in this important topic in toxicology
  • which drugs can induce seizures?
  • management and antidotes will also be covered

To QT or not to QT: ECGs in Toxicology

  • measuring the QT - what’s the big deal?
  • the QT nomogram
  • sodium channel blocking drugs and their effects on the ECG
  • management of drug-induced arrhythmias
Time 11.00 - 12.30h and 13.45 - 15.15h
Room 530 and 531
Faculty Andis Graudins and Naren Gunja
Registration Sign up for this workshop. If you have already registered for the conference but have not yet registered for a workshop, please contact Jolien Wiegman from Interactie Opleidingen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..