Ontbijtsessie op vrijdag 9 juni 2017

Zorg dat u erbij bent en geniet tijdens dit ontbijt van een interessante presentatie

Titel: Cardiac Troponin-I next to Troponi- T, point-of-care testing at the Emergency Department
Speaker: Marion J. Fokkert, ‎Promovendus, Klinisch Chemisch Laboratorium Isala Zwolle, the Netherlands

PhD student at the University of Groningen and working at the Clinical Chemical  Laboratory of Isala, Zwolle, the Netherlands.
Marion is among other things researcher of the FamouS Triage group (Fast assessment and management of chestpain without ST-elevation in the pre-hospital gateway).
With her enthusiasm about technically obscure medical problems, she can help us understand what the possible impact is of using cardiac troponin-I next to troponin-T, point-of-care testing at the Emergency Department.


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