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Dr. Michael Weinstock

Dr. Michael Weinstock is the Associate Program Director and Director of Research at the Adena Emergency Medicine Residency and Professor of Emergency Medicine, adjunct, at the Department of Emergency Medicine, Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University. He is the risk management section editor for EM RAP (emergency medicine reviews and perspectives) and editor-in-chief for UC RAP (urgent care reviews and perspectives).

Michael has practiced medicine nationally and internationally including volunteer work in Papua New Guinea, Nepal, and the West Indies. He has lectured extensively on medical topics as well as risk management issues. He is the author of the Bouncebacks! series of books and with Scott Weingart and Kevin Klauer will Bouncebacks! Critical Care fall of 2018. Research interests include ED evaluation and management of chest pain and EM medical education. In March 2014 he received an award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Emergency Medicine from the University of Maryland Emergency Medicine residency program.


Dr David Carr

Dr David Carr is an Associate Professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine at the University of Toronto.  He serves as the Assistant Director of Risk Management and Faculty Development at the University Health Network in Toronto.  He has been the recipients of both Undergraduate and Post Graduate Clinical Teaching awards.  

During the Baseball season, he works at the Roger's Centre as the Medical director of stadium medicine for the Toronto Blue Jays.  In 2010, he pursued his passions serving as an ER physician in the Athletes Village for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  In 2015, he co- authored a chapter on Occlusive Arterial Disease in the 8th Edition of Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine.


Dr Jacques Malan

In a nutshell
Dr Jacques Malan currently works as a consultant in emergency medicine at Victoria Hospital in Wynberg Cape Town, he has been a specialist in Emergency Medicine for 6years and has a keen interest in Emergency Cardiology with focus in ECG interpretation on the front line as well as focused emergence cardiac ultrasound.
Graduated in 2000 from the University of Pretoria, did his diploma in emergency Medicine in 2003 and finished his post grad FCEM degree in 2010
Provincial government of the Western Cape – Department of Health  | Faculty of Emergency Medicine and Ultrasound Trainer
Co-founder of the EMECG course since 2010
Main interests
Teaching : Registrars, medical officers and junior staff to hone their clinical skills, not to be too reliant on special investigations and not to forget that medicine should be practiced as an art with a focus on getting the basics right.
Clinical : I pride myself being a dedicated clinician and focus on improving flow through units by making the right decisions early and making the clients stay in the Emergency Centre as short but beneficial as possible.
Research : In my current employment research is a very small part of my job description and its one area of interest that I would like to grow in the future.
Cardiac emergency medicine : I have a passion for cardiac related emergencies and regularly teach and instruct pre and post grads in the hospital as well as at conferences and courses.


Dr Elvira lang

Elvira Lang, MD is an award-winning interventional radiologist known for research about the clinical effectiveness and cost savings of pre and intra- procedural nonpharmacolgic analgesia adjuncts. She held faculty positions at the University of Heidelberg, Stanford University, the University of Iowa, and Harvard Medical School. With a substantive government-funded research program she demonstrated in three large-scale prospective randomized studies with more than 700 patients that guidance is self-hypnotic relaxation on the procedure table reduces pain, anxiety, drug use, and complications. This work provided much of the evidence-based foundation for widespread acceptance of procedural hypnosis. In >150 research papers and chapters, Dr. Lang has presented and analyzed medical procedures and interactions with healthcare professionals as well as the effects of patients’ age and disposition on outcomes. She developed and rigorously tested training in methods of advanced rapport skills and hypnoidal language for busy healthcare professionals who have no extra time to spare. This experience culminated in the creation of Comfort Talk®. She oversaw further multicenter trials on the training of MRI teams in Comfort Talk®  encompassing >125,000 patient visits which yielded impressive improvements in patients’ satisfaction and ability to complete examinations at the participant sites. She is working with Toronto Hospital for Sick Children on a clinical trial on improving the perioperative and postoperative experience surrounding cardiac interventions.  Her research work has been acknowledged with the Ernest R. Hilgard Award for Scientific Excellence for a Lifetime of Published Experimental Work.

After having co-authored the book “Patient Sedation Without Medication” for medical personnel she now published “Managing Your Medical Experience,” a book for patients’ use. Dr. Lang has been featured extensively in the popular press and on television.

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