Maximum impact! Debriefing with good judgment

Good debriefing is a very valuable learning tool. It can help students in a simulation gain insight into their performance but also into their behavioral and cognitive patterns.

During this workshop the basics of the Harvard `good judgment debriefing` techniques are introduced to the participants. In an interactive video assessment the fundamental rules of this revolutionary approach are explained in a practical, `start tomorrow` way.

Tijd Vrijdag 10.30 uur (90 minuten)
Vrijdag 13.00 uur (90 minuten)
Spreker Pieter Noë and Lonneke Buijteweg

Shocking Toxic!

Treating the shocking tox patient is a great challenge in the Emergency Department. Which intoxications can cause convulsions? What are the treatment modalities in these patients? In this interactive workshop we are going to discuss all aspects of convulsions in the intoxicated patient, according to the new NVSHA-guidelines. Get ready for some toxic shocks!

Tijd Vrijdag 10.30 uur (90 minuten)
Vrijdag 13.00 uur (90 minuten)
Spreker Wouter Raven, Sophie Litjens, Femke Gresnigt, Trudy van Dijken, Carolien Verheij en Marloes Clement

Front room cardiac ultrasound, tips and tricks

Cardiac ultrasound is an indispensable tool in the emergency department, especially in the hyper-acute patients. This hands-on workshop is tailored to both inexperienced and advanced ultrasonographers. It covers tips and tricks on how to improve cardiac imaging, the use of M-mode in the Emergency Department, suprasternal views and more.

Tijd Donderdag 10.30 uur
Donderdag 13.00 uur
Spreker Jacques Malan, Titus Schönberger, Eveline Baerends

Workshop Into Thin Air

Spoedeisende geneeskunde onder druk: Een verwarde alpinist? Praktische perikelen in aeromedical retrieval?
Dit en meer in de workshop 'Into Thin Air' waarbij theorie en praktijk van prehospitale spoedgevallen gerelateerd aan drukverschillen aan bod komen. NB: het praktijkgedeelte vindt buiten plaats!

Tijd Donderdag 10.30 uur (90 minuten)
Donderdag 13.00 uur (90 minuten)
Spreker Wouter Jetten en Michiel van Veelen

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